GNU vs BSD utilities on iOS

Surprise surprise, the Apple TV can now be jailbroken again! Hooray! But that’s not why I’m writing. No, something more (or less) interesting is with this jailbreak. It doesn’t come with saurik’s core utilities from Telesphoreo, it includes binaries from, compiled by none other than Jonathan Levin (AKA Morpheus). I call these iOS binaries the “iosbinpack” (based on its filename, of course).

Why is this important? Well, there are a couple of things:

  • all binaries must be compiled for arm64 on the new Apple TV. saurik’s utilities haven’t been compiled for 64-bit yet
  • these binaries also happen to work on watchOS
  • the tools included are from BSD, not GNU, like saurik’s

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Living with the Fitbit Charge HR for a week

So, this March 10th, which happened to be my birthday, I got a sweet new gadget: the Fitbit Charge HR. I’m relatively new to the scene of smartwatches and smartbands, so, what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

The setup was really simple. I downloaded the Fitbit app to my iPhone, created an account, and turned on Bluetooth to sync with my Charge HR. Boom. Paired. Done. It’s not the fastest sync, but that’s okay.

Using the Charge HR for school was completely natural. It took me a couple hours, but I finally realized you could flick your wrist to quickly view the time. I feel like the Apple Watch stole that idea. 😛

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You don't need icon fonts.

So, after reading GitHub’s blog post about serving Octicons exclusively over SVG, I started to look into what I can do for my own site,

One of huge reasons to switch from icon fonts was speed. Every time you embed an icon font into your page or pages, your browser has to load the stylesheet and font files, then load each individual icon. Now, this isn’t really efficient, considering most sites don’t need 100 icons. I only need 13 icons.

Another reason would be the “blink” you get when loading a page with an icon font. What the browser ends up doing is loading the icons last, leaving a blank space where the icons should be until the font has finished downloading.

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Pangu8 (for Mac)

Update: Pangu fixed this issue a long time ago and nobody seemed to notice it was resolved.

If you don’t already know, Pangu8 is an iOS jailbreaking tool used to install tweaks, apps, and themes that you get through the Cydia Store. Due to Apple’s strict limits on the App Store, they just don’t allow these kind of cool modifications to your device.

For whatever reason, Pangu8 mysteriously broke in 2014/2015. Meaning, whenever you wanted to run the tool and jailbreak, you couldn’t.

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